How to Set Google As Your Homepage In Any Browser

Posted on February 21, 2019

Google is the card inventory to the advanced Library of Alexandria. By what other means would you be able to want to get to the 4.5 billion pages that total up essentially all of human information? On the off chance that you need to begin each new day with a look at Google (and those Easter eggs), here know about  How Can I make google as my homepage in chrome browser in each significant program, on both work area and portable.

Google Chrome:

The omnibox/URL bar in Chrome is likewise an inquiry box, and it will return results from Google; simply begin composing a question. However, in the event that you need your program and new tabs to open on, go to the upper direction of the program, select the three-spot menu () > Settings > Appearance. Flip the change besides “Show Home Button,” and afterward check the case by the content field. Type in the content box, at that point close and open the program to see the new landing page

Microsoft Edge:

In Microsoft’s Edge program, click the three-spot menu on the upper right (), select Settings, and locate the “Open Microsoft Edge with” drop-down menu. Pick “A particular page or pages” from the menu and enter in the content field underneath. Snap the spare catch and the new page will be made. Here, you can likewise select to have Edge open with two tabs, similar to Google and, for instance. Simply click “Include new page” and type in your second decision. Close and open the program to see the new landing page.

Web Explorer:

Snap on the little apparatus symbol () in the upper-right corner of the menu bar, at that point click Internet Options. Under the General tab, you can include another landing page into the content field at the highest point of the window. Delete whatever is in there now and supplant it with, at that point click OK. Like Edge, there’s likewise the choice to have IE open on numerous tabs; include some other sites separate lines. Close the program and open it again to see the new landing page.


Open Firefox and explore to, at that point simplified the tab onto the Home catch in the menu bar. Snap Yes on the going with a brief and the new landing page will be set.

You can likewise set the landing page by tapping the burger menu () on the upper right and choosing Options > Home. Under the “Landing page and new windows” area, select Custom URLs in the drop-down menu and enter in the field beneath to make it your landing page.


On the menu bar over your Mac screen, select Safari > Preferences > General. In the Homepage segment, type in in the content field and snap Enter.


In case you’re utilizing an Android telephone, odds are you have the Chrome application. To change your landing page on versatile, explore to More > Settings > Homepage > Open this page. At that point enter into the content field and snap spare.

On Firefox for Android, explore to More > Settings > General > Home > Set a Homepage > Custom and after that enter in the content field.

Apple iOS:

Apple’s iPhone isn’t compatible with landing pages, regardless of whether you’re utilizing Safari or another program like Chrome. Rather, you can make alternate routes. Explore to on Safari. At the base of the screen, select the symbol with a bolt leaving a page. Pick Add to Home Screen, which will add a symbol to your iOS Home screen. Snap it at whatever point you need fast access to