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Sizes: 26cm / 31cm,29cm / 34cm

We’ve lost count of the number of calls and messages we’ve had, asking for advice on where to get long winders from. This new design is not only the answer to the length problem but will also store up to four rigs on one winder. They come in packs of two – 26cm/31cm and 29cm/34cm. All are 4.7cm wide. See more

Sizes: 2.0g,3.0g,4.0g,5.0g,6.0g,8.0g,10.0g,12.0g

This brand new design is the perfect float for pole, long whip and long rod fishing in situations where you want perfect presentation. They might look strange but once they are in the water you will soon realise why they catch so many fish! See more

Sizes: 5g,6g

Over the past year we’ve had loads of requests for bigger sizes of this popular bolo float. We’ve listened and we’ve added new 5g and 6g sizes to the family! See more

Sizes: 5g,6g

This bolo pattern is popular for long rod and long whip fishing and like the No4 bolo, we’ve been asked by many anglers for these bigger 5g and 6g sizes. See more

Sizes: 0.3g,0.4g,0.6g,0.8g,1.0g

Short whip fishing at lengths between 2m and 4m has become increasingly popular over the past few years and this float has been designed for that work. It features a short 1.2mm fibre bristle, side eye and short carbon stem. See more

Sizes: 3BB,2AAA,5BB,3AAA,3.5AAA,4AAA

This unloaded all balsa design is great for canals, stillwaters and slow moving rivers. The bulk of the shot should be used to lock the float onto the line and dropper shot should be kept small…No9’s and No10’s. See more

Sizes: 1g,1.5g,2g,3g,4g

Our adjustable Loaded Grey Wagglers have proved to be massively popular with anglers all around the country. The new ‘Loaded Browns’ feature a fixed loading in the base so all you need to use are float stops or a few No8 shots to set them perfectly.
The No1 has an interchangeable hollow insert and is perfect for stillwaters or slow moving rivers. See more

Sizes: 1g,1.5g,2g,3g,4g,5g

Same design as the No1 Loaded Brown Waggler but no insert. This pattern is right for stillwaters with movement due to wind and undertow or rivers with decent flow. See more

Sizes: 4No4,6No4,8No4,10No4,12No4,14No4

After a full season of testing our new ranges of Hybrid Stick floats are now ready to hit the riverbanks!

So why do we call them ‘Hybrids’, you might be wondering? Well, they’re a mixture of bolo float inserts, heavy bases and the same body shapes that we use on our Insert Stick floats.

This No1 model features a 3mm hollow insert and is available with orange or yellow inserts.

Shotting should be kept simple with small shots like No8’s or No6s spread all the way through the line from just below the flat stem to within 10” of the hook. See more


Sizes: 4No4,6No4,8No4,10No4,12No4,14No4

This model is exactly the same as the No1 Hybrid but features a 3.5mm hollow insert. This makes it easier to see when conditions are less than perfect. See more

Sizes: 4No4,6No4,8No4,10No4,12No4,14No4

The No3 Hybrid Stick has a 4mm hollow insert and is the one to use when you are faced with windy conditions or bad light.

All three models work best when there is decent light or sunshine as the inserts allow the light to shine through and create a bright, highly visible tip.

See more


Sizes: 2.0g,3.0g,4.0g,5.0g,6.0g,8.0g,10.0g,12.0g,15.0g,20g

After more than a year of testing and tweaking samples, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our first range of flat floats.

This range features hollow bristles from 1.75mm to 3mm, wire stems and long carbon pegs. These can be left long or trimmed if you prefer a shorter peg.

In the bigger sizes, the No1 Flatty is perfect for laying on with big baits like lobworms or bunches of maggots, hard on the bottom. The smaller sizes are also good for silver fish like roach and dace when you want a static hookbait. See more


Sizes: 7.00g,8.00g,9.00g,10.00g

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been asked for On-Line olivettes bigger than the 6g size that used to be our largest size we used to go up to. So, we’ve now added 7g, 8g, 9g and 10g sizes to the family!

Top tip here…when you’re using this type of olivette and you’re about to plumb the depth, take the olivette out of the silicone rubbers. This way you will be able to plumb up much more easily and get a more accurate reading as the only weight on the line will be the plummet. See more